Thursday, December 18, 2014

Aussie 2013: Melbourne Brother Baba Budan

It's coming to the end of the year already. In another two weeks' time, it'll be yet another new year. It feels like I've not done much in the past year or so, but one thing I'm glad happened was that I got to travel quite a fair bit. Though I'm not heading anywhere again for the remainder of the year, I've already got my next trip booked and I'm very (VERY) excited about it. February, please come faster.

I have just two (one) if you include this post left for my Melbourne travels (I realise that most of my Melbourne posts have been focused on cafe hopping haha). I just upgraded my comp memory space (or RAM or whatever you call that - I'm def no technie and anyway it was my bro-in-law who did the hard work for me heh) and had to re-download the photo editing programs (again, kudos to the bro-in-law) into my comp, thus had been unable to start editing any of my Japan travel photos. What with all the year end activities, cross fingers I'll squeeze in some time for it.
Anyway. Just around the corner of Manchester Press is Brother Baba Budan. A quirky lil spot with an unconventional design.

Brother Baba Budan

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Aussie 2013: Melbourne Manchester Press

Did a T-25 session during lunch yesterday and my thigh muscles are currently screaming at me in pain. Tried wearing some heels to meet some girlfriends for dinner after work today and oh man, it wasn't a pretty sight. Let's just stick to no heels for a week ya.

Another Melbourne spot. The food and drinks were pretty forgettable, we were cafe-hopping that day, and nothing really jumped out at me, not to say that everything was bad. The cafe was pretty popular, it was one of the few cafes we dined at that had a queue. The staff took names, and scribbled it on a wall at the cafe entrance and call the names when there were avail seats. A wall-written wait list - interesting queuing system.

Manchester Press

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Aussie 2013: Melbourne Auction Rooms and Twenty & Six

I love how most of the Aussie cafes have the habit of opening very early in the morning. That means we can start our day early with a good cuppa (Aussie) coffee.

Auction Rooms
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