Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Japan 2014: Osaka

Oh hey. I'm just about to start posting about my first trip of 2014 (just when I'm about to go off soon for my first trip of 2015...). My procrastination...has no limits. ;)

Anyway, first trip of 2014 was to Japan with the fams, over the CNY period. It was a really last minute decision (I mentioned it here before), and it was a very short trip. We flew to Tokyo, and even managed to squeeze in one night in Osaka in our very tight schedule. I'll post about Osaka first, just because well, there's lesser photos to edit (ha!).

道頓堀 (Dōtonbori), 2014 (taken with iPhone 4S Panoramic cam)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Chocolate Buttermilk Cake

One can never have too many recipes for chocolate cake. Discuss.

Chocolate Buttermilk Cake

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dancing Crab

I was on course for the past week, and it's been really nice, being away from the office (the shorter hours are a bonus too!). When I'm away from the office, it just makes me use social platforms lesser, cos I don't access it mindlessly when I'm at work, and even when I get home, I don't really really switch on the laptop too. It's nice to take a short break from social media once in a while.  And from that, I mean my most frequently used media platforms - Instagram, Facebook, Blogger and Twitter (in that order of usage).

But, yeah, I was reminded of my promise (to self) to blog more to finish my backlogs. So, here's a really great seafood place I've been to last year, twice.

 Dancing Crab (Combo bag #1)